Cycling Tour Around Borobudur

Cycling Tour Arround BorobudurCycling Tour Surrounding Borobudur,  Soul art makers Borobudur temple is still flowing in the body of the community around the Borobudur temple. The emergence of craft centers in Muntilan stone temples, pottery village nglipoh and bamboo craft village Kebonagung is one proof that the soul of art that still exists today.
To be able to see this noble heritage, can be seen by following Cycling Tour Surrouding Borobudur. Along the way you will encounter natural beauty around Borobudur, traditional peasant life and some folk craft centers.

If you take a cycling tour package surrounding Borobudur you will be able to explore

1. Traditional Market ( Janan Village ).
2. Northern Ancient Lake of Borobudur ( Bogowanti Village )
3. Small Path of Dagi Hill ( Kujon Village ).
4. Western Ancient Lake of Borobudur ( Sabrang Rowo Village ).
5. Da’an Village with its Brick Home Industris.
6. 100 m straight up hill route ( Kurahan Village ).
7. A 12 m Exotic Bridge Made of Bamboo.
8. Ngadiharjo Village with its Amazing Panorama ( Terraced Rice Field, Menoreh Mountainrange, The temple will look like an interesting black magnet from long distance )
9. Nglipoh Sub Village ( Making Pottery ).
10. Light Bamboo Forest (Bumisegoro Village ).
11. Southern Ancient Lake of Borobudur ( Ngaran Village ).
12. Back to The Starting Point.
1. Individual, Rp. 350.000,-
2. Two person or more, Rp. 300.000,- / pax.
1. English sepeaking guide.
2. Mount bike.
3. Mineral water.
4. Fried Banana or banana.
5. Tea and coconut suger.
6. Wheated fried peanut.

1. Tipping.
2. All charges that are not mentioned above.

1. It takes around 2-3 hours.
2. 10 km.

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